Instahire FAQ

What is Instahire?

Instahire is a two-sided marketplace that matches hospitality businesses that need staff on demand with jobseekers looking for work.

Instahire app is the fastest solution to find local, skilled hospitality staff on demand. Jobseekers have the flexibility to start work right away after creating their profile. No CVs or complicated interviews.

Who can use Instahire?

Instahire is made for the hospitality and events industry. Serving jobseekers and employers alike, it’s designed to find work and fill on-demand positions fast and effectively.

How does Instahire work?

Instahire matches jobseekers’ profiles with hospitality businesses looking for staff. As the name suggests, Instahire easily brings together employers and jobseekers nearly instantly. Jobseekers can start working and earning money as soon as they’ve created their in-depth profile – and with ratings, reviews and badges for various achievements (e.g. awarded for a great feedback record), their profiles become more detailed over time. Instahire lets employers and jobseekers interact in real-time using the chat function: discuss the job, work out the details, and even see the jobseeker’s estimated arrival time. Once the job is complete, both employer and worker leave feedback for each other, rating their experience.

How do pay rates work?

All pay rates are set by the instahirer.

Is there a minimum number of hours an Instahiree worker must work?

In order to keep the process fair and equitable for all parties, once instahired, the jobseeker is required to work for at least two hours. Instahire believes in fair play, so even if the shift is cancelled or ends in under two hours, the jobseeker is compensated for two hours’ work to cover their travel time and effort turning up to the job at such short notice.

Do I need to have an active PayPal account to use Instahire?

Having an active PayPal account set-up will ensure for a faster and safer payment. Instahire accepts almost any kind of credit or debit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

What devices can Instahire be used on?

The Instahire app has been extensively tested on the iPhone and Android phones. Plans for a desktop version are in the works.

What measures does Instahire take to protect my identity?

Due to the nature of the app, total anonymity is not possible. Instahire will never share anything with third parties. Every registered user’s profile is accessible by the registered app users only. Your prospective employer will see your profile info, selected work history, and your relevant skill set with all the job-relevant certifications.

Click here for the Instahire Privacy Policy.

Can Instahire be used overseas?

At the moment, Instahire is only available in Australia. We do have plans to expand overseas in the future.

How can I contact Instahire support?

Do you have feedback? Need help using the app? Any other questions? Email us:

For employers

How much does Instahire cost?

Intahire is FREE right now – promotion applies only for the first 3 months from the launch date.

After that, Instahire has flexible plans suitable for any size business requiring staff on a regular basis, and also for individuals who need a hand as a one off.

Pay per Connect
$4.90 per connection – for when you need staff occasionally. Charged per successful connection only (i.e. when both instahirerer and the worker agree to facilitate a connection).

Pay per Search
$9 per search – allows you to connect with as many staff as you like within that set of search parameters.

With a subscription of $49 per month, your business can perform unlimited searches and make unlimited connections.

What is Instapay?

Instapay is the simplest, easiest and most reliable way to pay the staff you Instahire.

We understand that hospitality shifts can go for longer than anticipated, so Instapay also ensures you will have enough to cover the original Instahire time and also allows for a buffer to cover up to two extra hours.

For example:
John is hired to work 2 hours but ends up working 4 hours because the event goes longer than planned. Instapay guarantees that Jon will be paid for 4 hours via Instapay.

For jobseekers

How much does Instahire cost?

We want you to fall in love with the app so Instahire is FREE for a limited time.

There is an unpaid tier, that enables you to start immediately. There will be 10% fee associated with your earnings via Instapay. This fee on jobseeker earnings helps Instahire to cover administration and maintenance costs.

There is also the option to pay a one-off fee of $49 and have your identity and qualifications verified by Instahire.

How does verification work? What advantages does it provide?

Jobseekers who choose to have their profile verified will be assessed by the Instahire team. Once you pass the test, your profile will appear higher at the top of the search results and will show a special badge indicating you’ve been verified. That means you are likely to attract more work opportunities.

What is Instapay?

Instapay is the simplest, easiest and most reliable way to get paid fast directly to your bank or PayPal account. With the Instapay option, you get same day transfers to your Paypal account when the employer pays with Paypal. Not to mention, using Instapay ensures that you will be compensated for at least two hours of work, even if the employer cancels the job.

Payment is fast, easy and you’re ensured of a minimum compensation of 2 hours work.

How is the Instahiree-Instahirer relationship classified?

Instahire is a bridge between employers (InstaHirers) and hospitality workers (InstaHirees) that are available to work flexible shifts with little advance notice. Workers and employers are free to choose the nature of their relationship (as an employee or an independent contractor, for example) as best suits them. If you’re not sure about where you stand with your employer, please clarify it before the work starts. For more information on employer-worker relationships, see here.

Who pays the income taxes?

This depends on the relationship between the employer and the worker. Generally the worker is responsible for managing their own taxes. Workers should consult a tax specialist for assistance. Some workers may be able to claim tax deductions for expenses incurred for their Instahire job.

Note: You may not have much or any taxes to pay according to the Australian Taxation Office. To confirm your tax obligations, please consult a tax specialist.

Does an InstaHiree require an ABN?

This, again, depends on the relationship between the employer and the worker. Employers may require an ABN. For more information on ABN’s, see here.